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Busy Nothings

"Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings"

He's dead, Jim.
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I am me. (And I have no sense whatsoever)


The Princess Code

Free Washington Dating
50's fashion, 60's fashion, alice in wonderland, amigurumi, androgony, angel wings, animals, anime, anne rice, anti-discrimination, antique clothes and accessories, antique roses, art nouveau, audrey hepburn, baking, ballroom dancing, bento, betsey johnson, billie holiday, body art, body modification, books, bows, brent spiner, brian froud, bustle gowns, candles, candy, carnivals, carousels, cello, chanel, clothes, comic books, cooking, corsetry, corsets, costumes, cuteness, cybergoth, danny elfman, dc comics, decora, deep-fried food, dorothy dandridge, eating, edwardian clothing, ega, egl, egl fashion, emily temple cute, fairies, fairytales, fantasy, fantasy novels, fashion, fashion design, firefly, food, francesca lia block, frank sinatra, gardening, girly things, goggles, gothic lolita fashion, gyaru, hair dye, harrison ford, hello kitty, himegyaru, historical fiction, italian food, jane austen, lace, languages, letter writing, life, linkin park, lolita fashion, love, manga, marie, marie antoinette, marilyn monroe, marvel comics, mary magdalene, masquerade balls, mohawks, music, natalie portman, oneegal, open minded people, ouji, penpals, petticoats, photography, piercings, pin-up models, pinky girls, powerpuff girls, purikura, ray bradbury, reading, ren faires, retro, retro fashion, retro pin ups, ribbons, road trips, rockabilly, rococo, ruffles, sanrio, sarcasm, scented candles, sci-fi, science fiction, self discovery, self-expression, sewing, shiny things, shopping, star trek, star wars, steampunk, strawberries, stripes, subcultures, sugar, sushi, tamara pierce, tattoos, tea cups, the andrews sisters, the last unicorn, the puppini sisters, tim burton, tinkerbell, traveling, victorian clothing, victorian era, victorian fashion, video games, vintage, vintage clothing, walking, world religions, writing, x-men